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The Red Room

Soort: Thriller
Thema: Avontuur
Status: Uitstekend
Jaar uitgave: 2001
Auteur en nationaliteit: Nicci French, Engels
ISBN-nummer: 0-140-28107-V
Taal: Engels

Psychologist Kit Quinn, at the request of the police, agrees to help with the evaluation of a disturbed young man seen hanging around primary schools. But while questioning Michael Doll, he attacks Kit with a broken mug, slashing her face. As she recovers, Kit is afflicted with horrible dreams of a red room -- in which her nightmares become all too real. Several months later, Michael Doll is arrested for murder, but Kit doesn't believe he's the killer. With the help of a friend, she sets out to do a little investigating of her own.

Meanwhile, Doll's behavior is becoming more peculiar -- and his infatuation with Kit is growing dangerous. Soon, Kit is forced to imperil her own life as she confronts a killer in a harrowing encounter with pure evil.
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Nicci French
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